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Who are we?

We are Obidients.

Abour our website

Obi-Datti.com.ng is an obidient online community, an independent portal working to unify the common interests of Obidient Nigerians – The Actaulization of the Obi-Datti Presidency come 2023.


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About Obidients

We are supporters of Mr. Peter Obi and Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed, the Labour Party presidential and vice presidential candidates, we are known as ‘Obidients’ and we are everywhere. We have march in our millions across Nigeria to show this.


We may not have the physical structures or elected representatives in the legislative and executive arms of government but we have ideas and visions coupled with a clear ideological and philosophical inclinatiion which can and will endure for far longer than mere political platforms and structures.

  An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped.

We represent a generational and paradigm shift which is increasingly attractive to many and we are bound tightly together by a common purpose, cause and objective: namely to rid Nigeria of the old order and usher in the new.

Structures and political alliances rarely endure but ideas and vision last forever.